Jeremiah Hayworth

Jeremiah Hayworth is a multifaceted tattoo artist whose journey includes previous military service and a traditional tattoo apprenticeship. Born with a passion for creativity and armed with discipline from his tenure in the United States Air Force.

After serving his country in the Air Force, Jeremiah’s path took an artistic turn when he pursued his passion for tattooing. In 2018, he embarked on a transformative journey, obtaining his tattoo license after completing a rigorous traditional apprenticeship under the tutelage of the esteemed artist, Jay Borg.

Jeremiah’s talent and dedication soon earned recognition in the tattoo community. He emerged as a two-time award-winning artist at tattoo conventions, showcasing his versatility and mastery across various styles and concepts. From intricate black and grey designs to vibrant neo-traditional pieces, Jeremiah’s artistic repertoire knows no bounds. A true “Jack of Most Trades”, he can adeptly translate clients’ visions into stunning, personalized tattoos, each bearing his signature blend of creativity and professionalism.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Jeremiah finds fulfillment in his roles as a husband and father. Married with one son and accompanied by three loyal canine companions, he cherishes the balance between his family life and his passion for tattooing. His dedication to his craft is matched only by his commitment to his loved ones, each aspect of his life enriching the other.

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